Free Unused Nintendo eShop Codes

Are you looking for free Unused Nintendo eShop Codes to purchase new games and game bundle without any human verification?

As you all know, eShop Codes are digital codes which are officially design by Nintendo to purchase any game items from its online store. You can buy all game and game extension, including bundles, characters from these eShop codes.

You can use our online tool to grab these free Unused eShop codes free of cost and without any age verification.

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What is Free Nintendo eShop Codes?

Nintendo eShop Codes are official Gift cards codes which Nintendo has introduces to give users hassle-free transaction.

You can sue Nintendo eShop codes to purchase anything which are sold in Nintendo online shop. In this Gift Cards credits needs to transfer into your Nintendo game account before you purchase any items.

As Nintendo eShop codes can be officially purchased from different online portal including Nintendo store, Amazon, Target, best buy, etc.

Players can now focus more on games as these Gift Codes are very reliable and you can also gift them to anyone in the world.

Free Nintendo eShop Codes are those unused codes which are produced by online tool by pattern matching and performing different AI (artificial intelligence) algorithms.

You can use these Free Unused Nintendo Codes to redeem credit into your game account.

Features of free eShop Code online tool

  • You need to choose form $20, $35 and $50
  • Get unused eShop code directly on your Screen
  • List updated daily
  • 100% free and working online tool
  • No need to provide userid and password
  • Over 78943 happy users till now
  • Proxy is enabled to secure your IP

How to use free Unused eShop Code online Tool

We have designed this online tool in such a manner that all age group people can use this hassle-free. Follow these steps to get free Unused eShop code.

  • Select the denomination which you require $20, $35 or $50
  • Now choose your country
  • Proxy is enabling by default which means more security for you
  • Click on the Get now Button
  • A 16-alphanumeric code will appear on your Screen
  • Copy it or write it down as you need to redeem this code to your Nintendo game account

Steps to Redeem Nintendo eShop Codes Credits

After the online tool provides your free Unused eShop codes, you need to follow these steps to redeem credits in your Nintendo Game account.

  • Log into your Nintendo game account
  • Now navigate to Nintendo eShop webpage
  • Select the Home menu in Nintendo account
  • Scroll down and select “Add Funds” option
  • Now Select “Redeem a Nintendo eShop Card” option
  • Put your 16-digit alphanumeric eShop Code in the box
  • Click on Ok button and complete the transaction
  • Check the desired denomination is credited into your Nintendo game account
  • You can also use QR code if you have with “Scan QR code” option
  • Try to add one or two transactions in one day to avoid any detection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can use these codes to purchase any game or game bundle available in the Nintendo store.

Check the steps to redeem Nintendo eShop Codes Credits paragraph.

Nintendo Switch eShop code is exactly the same thing; you can use these in your Nintendo Switch account or any other old gaming console account.

Well, depending on which profile you are most active, you decide to use that and redeem all the credit on that gaming account.

What another method you can use to get free eShop Codes?

We have also summarized some top 10 methods by which you can get Nintendo Switch eShop codes in legit ways. You can use all these methods to get free Nintendo eShop Codes apart from our online tool.

Method 1 # Check Gold points by Nintendo

My Nintendo has introduced Gold Points, which can be accumulated when you purchase any new game or game extension.

For example, Nintendo game “First Skunk Bundle” which are available for online purchase in Nintendo stores, provides you 30 Gold Points. These Gold Points when accumulate can be used to purchase many items such as

  • New or Old Nintendo Games
  • Game Bundles like Game extensions
  • New Game Maps
  • Games Inventory or Characters
  • You can also use this Gold Point for any in-app purchase

Method 2 # How to Redeem Gold points on Nintendo Switch

To redeem Gold Points on Nintendo Switch, you need to perform these steps

  • Log in to your Nintendo game account
  • Now insert the game card on which you get the Gold Point into the Nintendo Switch
  • Select the game, on which there was an offer of Gold Point
  • Click on options (-/+) present in the lower right corner of the Dashboard
  • Now select “My Nintendo Rewards Program.
  • Now select “earn Points” from the options
  • If you have multiple profiles, then select the main profile on which you need these points to get accumulated
  • Now select “earn Points from this software” option
  • Now click on ok
  • Gold points will be redeemed to your Nintendo account instantly, and you can start using these credits to purchase game


Method 3 # Check all GPT website

GPT stands for getting Paid To, in these websites you need to perform a small task, and for those small tasks you will be given points.

All these points which you will earn by completing a small task can be redeemed for Nintendo eShop Gift Cards.

Some of the tasks which you need to perform in this GPT website are as follows

  • Watch video ads and claim points
  • Complete survey and claim points
  • Give an opinion on product and claim points
  • Install different free software form website and claim points
  • Purchase small items to claim points
  • Participate in any events and claim points
  • Read, write and send emails to claim points

Some of the best GPT websites are as follow

  • Swagbucks – provides swag in place of points and redeem Nintendo Gift cards
  • PointsPrizes – a good website which gives Nintendo eShop code
  • GrabPoints – you can use this GPT website which always provides gift cards
  • PrizeRebel- Good website for USA people, they have tons of offers to complete

Method 4 # Check all Mobile GPT App

Like GPT website, you can now use GPT mobile app, which is specially crafted for Smartphone.

You need to perform a similar task as GPT website, and you will be awarded points, which later can be redeemed for any digital Gift cards including eShop Code.

Some of the best mobile GPT apps are as follows

  • FreeMyApps
  • MyPoints
  • CashCrate
  • perk

Method 5 # Participate in Social Media Giveaway

You can also participate in any social media Giveaway to earn free eShop Code.

Recently one game company announce a giveaway for 50 ($50 Nintendo Gift card) in Instagram for just sharing their game links.

You can also participate in these types of free events which will fetch you Nintendo eShop card codes if selected.

Participating is always free and did not require any purchase to join the event.

Method 6 # Check Fiverr and SEOClerk

Look out for Fiverr and SEOClerk website for free eShop codes as there are many people who tend to sell Nintendo Gift Card in these forums.

Fiverr is an online marketplace where people tend to provide services and other items for gig. You can check different digit gift cards on Fiverr and SEOClerk forum of cheap purchasing.

Method 7 # Check game forums like Reddit

Another biggest giveaway forum is Reddit, which has hundreds of active members for different games.

You can join their groups and check for free unused eShop codes in all subreddit.

Method 8 # Check Text Storage site like Pastebin for the latest codes

This is a hidden method to get free Nintendo switch games codes, as in this you need to visit text storage website like Pastebin.

There are many hidden Text storage sites which works exactly like Pastebin and provide free unused eShop codes. Some of them are given below

  • Zerobin
  • Cryptbin
  • ee
  • co
  • Hastebin
  • Pastie
  • Climbi

Method 9 # Barter Gold points for other Gift Cards in Forums

If you have any other Digital Gift card and you need only Nintendo Gift Card, then you can join many game forums to barter.

You can join steam and join groups where you can barter Gold points for your Digital Gift card. Barter is a method by which you can get your desired Gift Card in exchange for another digital gift Card.

Method 10 # Follow Social media like Facebook and Twitter fan page

You should follow all the fan pages of Nintendo games on Facebook and Twitter to grab some early unused eShop codes.

Many times, big game companies, announce events like promoting their game links to a different social media platform.

By doing this you are eligible for participating in the contest or events, you will be awarded Nintendo switch games codes if chosen.

Final thought

So, these are the free unused eShop codes which you can get using our website online tool.

We recommend you all to check all the legit methods to earn free eShop so that you can also get some idea of how difficult it becomes when you try to get free eShop codes.