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04 best Nintendo Switch Emulator in 2019

Are you looking for best Nintendo Switch Emulator in 2019?

Well, as you all know Nintendo produces some of the best classic games of its time and people are still looking for all the old games which can be played in their PC.

To overcome such situation, many game enthusiasts come together to form emulators.

Now Emulators are that tiny software which emulated the actual gaming space and ran all games without requirement of actual gaming equipment.

With Emulators in place, you can look to play small or old games of Nintendo which were popular during the ’90s.

You can play almost all handheld game release in old-time and play the newer game also depending on the gaming console emulator configuration.

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Let’s check the 04 Best Nintendo Switch Emulator in 2019

1.Dolphin Emulator

Best emulator which can work seamlessly on PC, it can emulate all old Nintendo games which can be played on Android.

Some of the best features of Dolphin Emulator are as follows

  • Works almost every game of GameCube ROM
  • Get the performance of over 1440p
  • Dolphin emulator is free and open-source
  • Support Windows, Linux, and macOS with Android and iOS
  • Best Support for three Nintendo Systems
  • Very Stable and buffer-free experience
  • Also, support the Nintendo Wii gaming console
  • You can save and load the remaining game later on

2.GC4iOS Emulator

GC4iOS Emulator is known for its buffer-free and stable experience for iPad and iPhones.

There are many features which are unique in GC4iOS Emulator

  • Very stable and buffer-free experience
  • Support more than 300 games ROM
  • Works better in iPad and iPhone
  • It is the best emulator for iOS platform
  • You need to jailbreak to install this emulator in iOS

3.Dowlin Emulator

Dolwin Emulator is probably the oldest and most stable of all Nintendo Switch emulator.

It was written in programming language C, which is meant to be very stable.

Some of the features of Dolwin Emulator is as given below

  • Stable and buffer-free experience
  • Oldest emulator which support Windows and Linux OS
  • Best emulator for all old games
  • Stable support for graphics and sound
  • Support DVDR plugin which means saving is possible
  • Support more than 150 Nintendo games ROM

4.WhineCube Emulator

 WhineCube emulator is an advance version of Dolwin Emulator as it is written in C++ programing language.

Some of the features of WhineCube emulator is as follows

  • Written in C++ programming language
  • Support both DOL and ELF formats
  • Supports more than 200 Nintendo Games ROM
  • You can play up to 1440p in WineCube Emulator
  • Very fast and buffer-free
  • Support for graphics
  • Can be run on minimum RAM or old computers
  • Very easy controls

Final words

So, these are the 04 best Nintendo Switch Emulator in 2019; you can download them and use them for playing all your old-time games.

All the emulator given in the article are free to download, and they are free from bugs.

You can also install this emulator on your Smartphone like Android or iOS to play old games.

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