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07 Best Nintendo Switch Games in 2019

Are you looking for Best Nintendo Switch Games in 2019?

Well, we have summarized 07 Best Nintendo Switch games which have held the imagination of players and stood first in their category.

What are the parameters which we have adapted to choose the best Nintendo Switch games?

We have made a strict parameter on which we have tested these games, some of the parameters are as follows

  • The game should be playable to every age groups
  • The game should cross massive sales in its category (reference: Nintendo games)
  • The game should be having some storyline or fun to play
  • The game should engage the audience and easy to play
  • The game should be kept on entertaining players in the long run
  • Games which has online variance have given some more points
  • Games should have some good graphics equivalent to modern games
  • Some classic games also being included which are a quiet hit among the players
  • Games should have less in-app purchase
  • Game should fit properly in Nintendo Game Switch screen
  • The game should respond to proper gaming input devices
  • Overall Game should be fun, entertaining and mesmerizing the audience

1.The Legend of Zelda: (Nintendo game) Breath of the Wild

One of the best games ever produced in recent time which is available on Nintendo Switch is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The Legend of Zelda was released on 03 March 2017 and make a comeback opportunity for Nintendo Switch in the gaming market.

Due to tough competition from Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation, Nintendo Switch gaming console gets beaten up.

But “The Legend of Zelda” game make the opportunity for Nintendo to bounce back into the gaming arena.

Some of the points of “the Legend of Zelda” which makes it famous are

  • An epic adventure of a character to solve mysteries
  • Being projected as the messiah, who liberate people from atrocity
  • You need to understand the clue hidden in the riddle
  • Massive maps to explore
  • Maps and places will be hidden; when you venture into that zone it will reveal all its surrounding
  • Tons of crafting materials present which will help you in developing a stronger weapon
  • You will learn new skill and tactics as the game progress
  • The character will learn how to swing a sword and how to shoot an arrow
  • Totally mesmerizing and pulsating music to support the gameplay
  1. warframe

Do you know warframe was treated as one of the worst games of PS4 in 2013?

But back in 2017 Warframe comes with a new game engine and redefine the gaming space.

Some of the best points of warframe are as follows

  • The online game which has more than 12 million simultaneous players
  • Best game to play in Nintendo Switch as well as PS4
  • Build your weapon and build your space-dog within the first 10 hours
  • Explore the maps and start killing all enemy
  • One of the best screenplays with the best storyline
  • One of the best graphics in recent time
  • You can play online with your buddies and take part in the events
  • You can easily play this game on the Nintendo Switch.
  1. Super Mario Odyssey

One of the best games which need no introduction, get Super Mario Odyssey and travel around the world for adventure.

Hail as one of the best collections of super Mario series, you should never miss this timeless classic which still rules the charts in Nintendo best Games.

Some of the points why it becomes famous are given below

  • Enter the world of 3D and moves around the world for Mario hat
  • Save little sister(princess) of cap kingdom by defeating the enemy
  • Collect coins make ship and keep on fighting the enemy
  • Welcome to the world of Cap kingdom where you can perform many functions using your cap
  • More of the most intriguing story with hell lots of fascination sub-story
  • You can play posing as a frog and other animals in the game
  • A must-have game for all Mario lovers
  1. Mario kart Deluxe 8

So, are you mad about racing, if so, you cannot miss the Mario kart Deluxe 8 edition?

Mario kart Deluxe 8 has tons of features which will never make you bored

One of the best-selling games of Nintendo is Mario Kart Deluxe 8

Some of the points which are there in this game are as follows

  • Tons of games where you need to race with your friends
  • You can participate in the race or other events which are going in the game
  • It has many options for playing
    • Single-player
    • Multiplayer
    • Online play
    • Wireless play
  • In single-player you have an option like
    • Grand Prix
    • Time Trials
    • VS Race
    • Battle
  • You can customize your running cart, according to the wins you have
  • You have 05 attributes which you need to check before you chose any kart to race
    • Speed
    • Acceleration
    • Weigh
    • Handling
    • Traction
  • Choose the good combination and win all races
  • There are also many mini-game arenas where you can venture and play this game
    • Battle Stadium
    • Sweet Sweet Kingdom
    • Dragon palace
    • Lunar Colony
    • Wuhu Town
    • Luigi’s Mansion
    • Battle course 1
    • Urchin Underpass
  • An overall fun game which can be played and enjoyed by all age groups
  1. Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Do you love playing adventure game with a good storyline?

Fire Emblem: Three Houses did the same thing, massive maps with the massive movement of troops with a good storyline and effective graphics.

Fire emblem will take your breath away when you decide to play this epic game.

Some of the selling points of this game are

  • Choose between three houses style of fighting
  • You need to nurture students in any one of the battle houses
  • Storyline dwells in Fodlan fantasy land
  • It is a turn-based fight where you need to choose correct troops
  • You need to choose the correct fighting pattern which will help you win the war
  • You also need to spend hours of training to get the correct fighting pattern
  • Pay attention to the new challenges and steps involve overcoming them
  • Overall, an epic battleground which has a compelling storyline.
  1. Super Smash Bros. ultimate

Are you ready for the Mario ultimate showdown in-ring style game?

Well, super smash Bros. Ultimate is the ultimate game for the king of the square ring.

You will have more than 74 characters to choose from and tons of fighting area to prove your mettle.

Some of the best game points are as follows

  • More than 74 Character to unlock in the game
  • Battle with every character you know in the Nintendo game
  • Each character has its own fighting capabilities
  • Fight on tons of different fighting area with difficulty rising with every level
  • You can now play or replay any levels with more difficulty setting
  • Overall fun and action-packed game of Super Mario series
  1. Splatoon 2

One of the best games in Splash game which you will enjoy playing is Splatoon 2.

Some of the features of splatoon 2 are as follows

  • Made up a team of 04 players
  • Try to paint the whole map or playing area with your color
  • Start killing your enemy with the same spray gun
  • You and your friends will respawn once they get a kill
  • No need to give any healing or any medi-kits
  • Auto respawn till the game last
  • Hordes in front of the enemy base and block their way, so that they cannot spray the whole area
  • Depending on the map you spay your team color, the match result will be decided.
  • A best intriguing game which you can play end number of times.

Final words

So, these are the best Nintendo game which you can choose to play in 2019. If you want free Nintendo Switch gift Card, then you can follow here and get one.

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