Nintendo Switch Tips and Trick

Nintendo Switch Tips and Tricks

Nintendo Switch tips and tricks which you need to apply to clear games without hassle?

Nintendo Switch Tips and Tricks:

Let face it, we all love Nintendo Switch games like Super Mario and others, which makes our day.

Nintendo Switch is the latest gaming consoles, which screen areas are similar to modern smartphones.

With these attributes, you need to play all the games without any lag and ounce every power of Nintendo Switch for the game.

You can use all the proven tips and tricks given in this article to ounce power from Nintendo Switch and play lag and hassle-free game.

Methods by which you can increase your Game play in Nintendo Switch

Method 1 # Invest in Switch Screen Protector

The first thing which you need to invest in Nintendo Switch is Good Console Case and Good Screen Protector.

As handheld devices are accidental prone, and according to reports, 35% of all smartphones receive damage to their screen or outer surface due to accidental falls.

So, to avoid the sudden fall to ground and breaking of your Game console screen, you need to invest in the screen Guard.

Screen Guard and game console cover may be brought in within $2 to $5 from online portals like Amazon or Flipkart. But they will save your precious gaming console from accidental damage.

Method 2 # invest in Storage space

Gaming console like Nintendo Switch comes with a generous internal Storage space approx. 32GB.

This is big enough to run all the biggest games like Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild or super Mario series.

But the problem starts after a few months when you need to install more games, and your internal storage did not allow those games.

You should invest in big microSD cards such as 128GB to play all your Nintendo Switch games lag-free.

Always remember, games use some unreserved space for virtualization and storing game progress.

You should always have some free space in your gaming console, which can be used by the game to run different virtualization, screen rendering, and pixel adjustment.

Method 3 # Invest in good game Controllers

You should invest in good Game Controllers for your Nintendo Switch, as this will protect your default controllers for getting damage.

Unlike other gaming consoles, the Nintendo Switch gaming controller is fixed with the game screen.

Which become a major drawback for the gamers, as

  • It may damage after prolonged use
  • It may lose its sensitivity after prolong use
  • Big hands people find it difficult to play on that default console
  • You cannot do movement while playing the game

Whereas if you are using External Game controllers

  • You can replace them when they are damage
  • You can replace them when they are buggy
  • External game controllers are big and fit in every player’s hand

Invest in a good game controller for your Nintendo Switch.

Method 4 # Close all apps which drain your Battery

Let’s face it, Nintendo Switch is similar to modern Smartphone and don’t have long battery life.

You need to connect it after 06 to 07 hours of gameplay, now if you can close all apps which are draining your battery, you can prolong your game.

One app which drains a maximum battery in Nintendo Switch is your Wi-Fi.

 you need to close this app to stop the maximum draining of your battery.

If you are playing an offline game, then close your Wi-Fi and enjoy the lag-free game.

You can also choose the airplane mode in your Nintendo Switch to stop all apps from accessing the Internet without your knowledge.

Method 5 # Invest in Battery power bank

Like smartphones, you need to invest in a battery power bank for your Nintendo Switch.

You should choose S-Charger if you are not using Nintendo Switch outside your home, or you can choose a 20000 mAh battery power bank.

Keeping power bank connected with your Nintendo Switch is a smart move that can save your inbuild battery from draining out fast.

Use external battery power bank to charge your Nintendo Switch and prolong its life.

Final words

These are the top 05 Nintendo Switch Tips and Tricks, which you can use to get a hassle and lag-free game on Nintendo Switch.

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